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We're located in Ronnie's Plaza, intersection of S. Lindbergh
Blvd & Baptist Church Rd in South St. Louis County.
Call Us! 314-480-5814 Request Appointment Online
Call Us! 314-480-5814 Request Appointment Online
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Red, Pink or Sore Eyes?

Your Vision Source eye doctor in in St. Louis MO at Rosen Optometry is ready to look after ALL of your eye care needs in one location. In addition to the services you already rely on us for such as routine eye exams, contact lenses. designer frames and eyeglasses – think of your St. Louis optometrist first for:

  • sore, red, or itchy eyes
  • treatment of “pink eye” and other bacterial infections
  • removal of foreign bodies from the eye (such as wood or metal)
  • treatment of eye allergies or burns
  • emergency eye care
  • ocular disease management

This is convenient and cost effective for your whole family and you can be sure you are receiving the attention of an eye care specialist.

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