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Eyezen™ glasses by Essilor


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eyezenRosen Optometry, your St. Louis eye doctor, is excite to offer EyeZen eyeglasses. EyeZen are wonderful new blue blocking eyeglasses which address digital eye strain in two ways. EyeZen first filters out a lot of the harmful blue light which we are inundated with from our computer screens, tablets and cell phones. There is a lot more blue light coming from those devices compared to the other wavelengths. As well, there is much more blue light being emitted by the new light bulbs – the compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) then from our old incandescent bulbs.

The second way EyeZen relieves eyestrain is that the lens also has a subtle magnification at the bottom so your eyes don’t have to work so hard while reading. It is a single vision lens but acts a bit like a multifocal due to this nice enhancement. Patients say they feel much more comfortable and a lot less strain while using the EyeZen lenses as opposed to before they were wearing them.

Another great thing about EyeZen lenses compared to other blue blocking lenses is that Eyezen uses a clear blue blocking coating, but on most of the other brands you can see the blue blocking filter tint and color on the lens. EyeZen’s coating is completely invisible.

We are recommending these a good deal to young adults since they are using these digital devices a great deal, and as well to all those who work on and or use a computer four or more hours a day.

Even for patients who currently don’t need to wear glasses, if they are using any of these digital devices or computers for more than four hours a day, we still recommend EyeZen to relieve the eyestrain as well as protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the blue light emitted.

Eyezen glasses by Essilor are designed for the way you see the world, taking care of your eyes from the harshness of modern life. They reduce strain from viewing digital devices so you can focus on what matters to you. It’s a real see good, feel good story.

  • Most people spend at least 12 hours a day consuming some form of media.1
  • It only takes as little as two hours in front of a screen to cause digital eye strain.2
  • Nearly 60% of people use their smartphones before bed and right when they wake up.3


Ordinary glasses help you see your world. Eyezen glasses enhance the way you live in it. Our lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices. The result? Lenses that don’t just fit you; they fit how you interact with the world.

SET YOUR SIGHTS ON EVERYTHING with Eyezen Computer Glasses in St. Louis

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Since the way we look at every digital device is different, Eyezen lenses are enhanced to help you see comfortably regardless of device sizes and the distances you hold them. This helps you continue to see clearly and reduce eye strain.


Essilor is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of eyeglass lenses. Our commitment to research and development is present in every Eyezen lens. Eyezen glasses are designed to protect your eyes in multiple ways. It’s this combination of groundbreaking vision solutions that keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable.


Here’s a surprise: staring at screens throughout the day is pretty much unavoidable. But all that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain — even if you don’t currently wear glasses.


Our eyes were never meant to look at millions of glowing pixels all day. On the bright side, there’s no need to immediately power down in panic or change your screenlife. With Eyezen glasses, you can enhance it.

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Small type and pixelated images force our eyes to work harder in order to focus.* Not only is it uncomfortable, but also it can take you away from what you really want to be doing. More cat gifs!


Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum. It comes from the sun, as well as artificial light sources like digital screens and fluorescent lights. This type of light gets absorbed deep in the eye, making it one of the most intense forms of visible light to humans.