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Visioffice represents the latest innovation in lens measurement technology. This cutting-edge technology allows for a high resolution 3-D images of your eyes, providing an amazingly accurate, personalized eyeglass lens, customized to the unique needs and characteristics of your particular visual condition.

Visioffice also features a revolutionary new measurement, called Eyecode, which is unique to the Visioffice system and allows your optometrist to further personalize your lens prescription by measuring your Eye Rotation Center (ERC). Using Eyecode, your eye doctor is able to determine the position of both eyes’ rotation centers with a single quick and convenient measuVisiOffice150rement. This eye data is combined with frame and head/eye behavior data, enabling Dr. Rosen to create a vision profile as unique as a person’s fingerprint. Beyond Eyecode technology, the unique combination of technologies in the Visioffice outdoes all other measuring systems currently available in the eye care world. Lenses created with the assistance are available only with practices that have gone above and beyond to invest in the greatest level of patient care and enhanced visual acuity by making this addition to their practice.

Much like fingerprints and many other features of a person’s individuality, every pair of eyes is completely unique, rendering the one-size-fits-all approach of lens measurement obsolete. The Visioffice system allows Dr. Rosen to take exact measurements of each individual eye. In previous years eye doctors were only able to measure both eyes together, rather than independently, often skewing results and reducing the effectiveness of the lenses prescribed based on these measurements. The increased accuracy in lens measurements that is afforded by the new Visioffice allows for enhanced individualization of lenses and an increased ability to bring the clearest vision possible to each and every patient.

In addition to the advantages of accurate 3-D measurements, the Visioffice system also helps patients learn about the different features and benefits of the many lens designs, materials, and lens treatments available in Dr. Rosen‘s office, and helps patients choose which frames are best for them, through interactive and user-friendly videos.

Learn more about Visioffice by reading an informative interview with Dr. Rosen here.

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