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Rosen Optometry: St. Louis Optometrist Providing Exceptional Eye Care

Eye Exams, Emergencies, Pediatric Eye Care Near You

At Rosen Optometry, we are proud to be the leading Vision Source eye doctor in St. Louis, Missouri. Our eye doctors and staff work together to take care of your eyes. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best eye care in St. Louis. Offering more than just eye exams and pediatric eye care, our Dr. Steven Rosen has extensive experience treating eye diseases, handling eye emergencies like foreign body removal, and providing eye surgery and LASIK co-management. You can read more about our eye care services here.

Eyeglasses Are Available at our Optical!

Our eyewear dispensing goes beyond customizing prescription glasses in St. Louis. Our optometrists have visited developing countries around the world to provide eyeglasses to those in need. We also provide free eye exams for infants through the American Optometric Association InfantSEE® program. Find out more about our unique Optometric Practice.

We stock our optical with a wide range of contact lenses and eyeglasses including designer eyewear frames, offer online contact lens purchasing and continue our tradition of dedication to advanced technology.

Our Eye Doctors in St. Louis

Dr. Judy Chun


Dr. Lawrence Ernst


Dr. Ashley Tary


Dr. Steven Rosen


Dr. Karen Rosen


We Appreciate Our Patient's Google Reviews

5 Stars for Dr. Ernst and staff. Even through masks they made the visit a great experience. Good job everyone!
6 days ago
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Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses in St. Louis, Missouri

Check out our unique selection of beautiful frames and sunglasses, to help keep your eyes healthy and you looking great! We’ve got designer brand names and budget-friendly eyeglasses for adults & kids, plus customizable lens coatings like UV Protection and specialty eyewear.

Were you told you couldn’t wear contacts? Almost everyone can comfortably wear contacts today. We have tons of lenses including dailies, multi-focal and lenses for astigmatism. Come on by today and we will help you navigate the world of contact lenses!

Q&A with Dr. Ashley Tary

Our Optometrist Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I have allergies. Can I still wear contacts?

People with allergies. Daily disposables may actually help with eye allergies! Since there is less time for dirt or irritants to build up in the eye, daily contacts allow allergies a lower chance to flare up. Additionally, a fresh, smooth, clean, new lens surface every day is the gentlest option for irritated eyes.

Read more about contacts

LensFerry - because running out of contacts isn't an option. Your contacts, Paid monthly, Automatic delivery

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Rosen Optometry

17 Ronnie's Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63126-3552

Our St. Louis eye care Clinic has been serving Crestwood, Affton, Concord Village, South St. Louis, and the surrounding area for over 25 years. We welcome new patients of all ages to join the ranks of our many happy clients.


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Rosen Optometry is associated with VisionSource and works with many insurance plans including VSP and CareCredit. You can ask our friendly staff for more information about insurance. Call during our office hours to speak to someone at the office and book an eye exam. Or request an appointment online, fill out registration forms and get Google Maps directions any time. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.


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