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Prevencia Lenses Can Help Protect Your Eyes At Work


Do you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen each day? Modern electronic devices can damage your eyes.

Fortunately, we offer the latest technology to help protect your eyes. We’d like to introduce you to Crizal and Viso Prevencia lenses.

About Blue-Violet Light

You’ve probably heard about the harm UV light can do to your eyes. But have you ever heard of the dangers of blue-violet light? This is another band of the light spectrum that can damage vision, particularly the retinal cells, which in time can lead to AMD and vision loss. Blue-violet light is becoming ever more common in our lives, through our use of tablets, computers, and smartphones.

What are Prevencia Lenses?

These lenses are specially designed to deflect harmful blue-violet light by 20%. In addition, they can reduce glare, lessening the eyestrain caused by staring at a screen for long periods of time.


Prevencia Lenses Provide Protection

Crizal Prevencia lenses combine the same excellent lens quality of all Crizal lenses with the sophisticated blue-light protection to help protect your vision. Crizal Prevencia lenses:

  • decrease digital eye strain
  • protect against UV rays
  • improve vision at night
  • repel dust, scratches, and smudges to help keep vision clear

Prevencia Lenses May Be A Good Option For You

We have been hearing great things form our patients about these lenses. They are ideal for people who spend a lot of time looking at computer screens, tablets, and smart phones. They are also great for kids, too, as kids’ eyes are especially vulnerable to these harmful rays. Call us today to visit about these amazing lenses. Our opticians, Andee , Rita, Vicki and Scott, can answer any questions and would love to discuss options to help you see your very best.

Thanks for being our valued patient!